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Foundation Lower Body Workout (10min)

LOWER BODY • 9m 7s


  • Foundation Lower Body Workout (10min)

    Ankle weight and bench only inner thigh focused workout! Workout: Sideline abduction, Inner thigh Adduction, glute bridge single leg kick-downs.

  • Foundation Lower Body Workout (10min)

    Resistance Band/bench only workout focusing on core, outter glutes, and cardio. Workout: lateral steps, squats, b-stance hip thrusts, hip thrust abduction.

  • Advanced Lower Body Workout (40min)

    This is an all over lower body workout! We start with a warm-up stretching out the hip flexors and hamstrings, before moving into some activation exercisesand then our workout! Workout is as followed: Warm Up. Activation: 3 x 8 lateral steps, good mornings, pulse squats. SS 1: 3 x 8 B-stance dea...