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  • Intermediate HIIT Workout (30min)

    Block 1
    V-steps or jump ups
    Step up and kick to reverse lunge
    Push up with alternating knee tucks

    Block 2
    Staggered squat with knee lift
    Hands bench Donkey jumps over
    Reverse crunches

    Block 3
    Staggered up overs
    Glute to hamstring curl
    Crunches on Terra-core

    Block 4
    Side plank with crunch (i...

  • Intermediate Core Workout (10min)

    10 Min Intermediate Core: Terra-Core only
    3 Times through:
    Step up- Knee to chest-Alternating (20 total)
    Side-Side-Middle knee tucks (legs extend while sitting on TC, hands on floor behind and tuck in to chest, side-tuck-side-tuck-middle-tuck (10 each way)
    Downward dog to Plank-hands on TC, feet ...

  • Intermediate HIIT Workout (20min)

    Block 1
    Step up/squat pulse/step down
    Alt front lunge/squat jump floor
    Bear plank up downs/alt arm row/jump back hold plank

    Block 2 (
    Side lunge push off (each side)
    Squat jacks
    Decline push up knees on TC

    Block 3
    Plank alt hamstring curl (dome down)
    Leg raise Rainbows
    Bulldog jumps (hands o...

  • Intermediate HIIT Workout (20min)

    Block 1
    Squat straddle outer thigh lifts
    TC get ups (roll up to stand)
    Quick toe taps

    Block 2
    Alternate from lunges with squat jump up on top
    Squat pulse up overs
    Rotation plank (tc vertical grip
    Side to side)

    Block 3
    Lying chest press
    Glute bridge alt knee heels tc
    Plank elbow hand

  • Intermediate HIIT Workout (10min)

    Block 1
    Bulgarian lunges
    Romanian Dead Lift/Low Row
    Squat pulse up & overs

    Block 2
    Power jump/quick toes
    Glute bridges

  • Intermediate Upper Body Workout (20min)

  • Intermediate Upper Body Workout (40min)