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  • Foundation HIIT Workout (10 min)

    Block 1:
    Knee Repeaters
    Tick Tock Lunges

    Block 2:
    Glute Bridges
    Slow Mountain Climbers

  • Foundation HIIT Workout (10 min)

    Block 1
    Squats on top of TC
    Bicep curl to overhead press
    Quick toe taps

    Block 2
    Alternating front lunges
    Single arm rows to kickbacks – double the weight or use one dumbbell
    Modified push-up to 3 second high plank hold

  • Foundation HIIT Workout (30min)

    Block 1
    Staggered squats (right)
    Staggered squats (left)
    Step up knee lift (alternating)
    Slow mountain climbers

    Block 2
    TC Single arm row (right)
    TC Single arm row (left)
    Knee push-ups with rock forward and back
    Glute Bridges (heels on TC)

    Block 3
    Stationary lunges (right)
    Stationary lunges (l...

  • Foundation HIIT Workout (30min)

    Block 1
    Lateral squat/tap (each side)
    Quick tap up and over
    Modified push-up

    Block 2
    Alternating front lunges
    Heel jumping Jacks
    Glute bridge marches
    Plank tap outs (dome up)

    Block 3
    Squat outer thigh lift (RL)
    Mountain climber twists (dome down)

    Elevated Crunches (heels on t...

  • Foundation HIIT Workout (20min)

    Block 1
    High to low squats
    Knees corner to corner
    Down dog push-ups

    Block 2
    Lateral lunge/inner thigh floor
    Straddle plank walk (bend knees)
    Alternating rows

    Block 3
    Modified V-sit hold
    Core stability toe tap (hold bench)
    Lateral rock plank (dome down)

  • Foundation HIIT Workout (20 min)

    Block 1
    Inch worm tap
    Staggered squats
    Alt split lunges

    Block 2
    Stationary lunges each side/side raise no wts
    Modified burpee
    Bent over straddle taps

    Block 3
    Push ups/Bear plank row
    Reverse crunch (alternating)
    Side plank (knee down) rotations

  • Foundation Core Workout (20min)

    20 Min Core: Beginner/Foundation: TC Only
    3 Times through
    Rotating side plank-Right side (10x) knees on the floor, elbows on air surface, rotate top arm up to ceiling and back down.
    Rotating side plank-Left side-(10x) knees on the floor, elbows on air surface, rotate top arm up to ceiling and bac...

  • Foundation Core Workout (20min)

    20 Min Beginner Core Terra-Core only:
    Intro to TC Core dynamics: Stability Control
    Stand on top of TC-Shift weight side to side and back to front
    Step on-Step off (balance check) (10 x)
    Standing on top>Hands up>eyes closed (10 seconds
    3 times through:
    Standing Punches on Top (20/side or 40 total...

  • Foundation Core Workout (10min)

    10 Min Core: Beginner= TC Only

    Tabata Style: 2x through
    Right Side Plank Hold
    Left side Plank Hold
    Assisted back extensions: (fingertips on floor, belly on air surface)
    Alternating knee tucks sitting on TC: (alternate pulling knee to chest)
    End with 1 min plank hold (Hands or elbows on TC, knees...

  • Foundation Upper Body Workout (20min)

  • Foundation Total Body Workout (30min)

  • Foundation Lower Body Workout (10min)

    Resistance Band/bench only workout focusing on core, outter glutes, and cardio. Workout: lateral steps, squats, b-stance hip thrusts, hip thrust abduction.

  • Foundation Lower Body Workout (20min)

    Balance challenging, single leg lower body workout with the bench and bands! Workout: single leg lunge/fire hydrants SS2: modified pistol squat/single leg deadlift.

  • Foundation Lower Body Workout (10min)

    Ankle weight and bench only inner thigh focused workout! Workout: Sideline abduction, Inner thigh Adduction, glute bridge single leg kick-downs.

  • Foundation Lower Body Workout (10min)

    Inner thigh workout using only the Terra-Core! Workout: straddle lift/inner thigh adduction/extra range clamshell/scissor adduction/inner thigh plank.

  • Foundation Core Workout (10min)

  • Foundation Core Workout (40 min)