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  • Active Aging Total Body Workout (40min) (All Levels)

    40 Minute workout

    Warm up
    Step touch to slow tap back
    Side Squat
    Slow toe taps, to temps
    Step up knee up
    Squat R, L on bench

    Toe Tap
    Single arm Row

    Slow squats on top
    Squat hops 4 pulse, 2 pulse,
    Curl and Press- option Dance or just curl

    1 leg T Bend hand touches TC
    Squat Thrurst...

  • Active Aging Core Workout (20min) (All Levels)

    Warm up

    Knee up hands to knee

    Repeat with Straight leg

    Goal post arms- twist

    Straight arms- twist

    Sit on End Arms Up full crunch until head touches end

    V Sit- Options feet on ground, 1 leg up, both- final extend arms/legs- keep back straight

    Reverse Crunch- option knees or straight legs-...

  • Active Aging Tabata Workout (30min) (All Levels)

    Warm up- Stand tall and tap the TC
    Step touch s/s
    Ham Curl on TC
    Slow Squat s/s
    Low back stretch

    Start seated on TC- Stand up, sit down. Now Side Step butt touches TC
    Single Lunges on the end- pulse
    Single Hops Over

    DD to Chat. Press back- option on the knees, bad wrists hold elbow plank
    Roll T...

  • Active Aging Step Workout (10min) (All Levels)

    March alternate Knee UP
    Ham Curl to
    Repeat 3 times

    ON TC
    Alternate Knee up
    Ham Curl
    Toe tap behind- lift leg up

    Mambo Cha Cha
    Stomp c/c
    Dbl ham curl
    Step Up-Basic

    Roll up- all the options
    Start Roll back to V Sit and shake at the end a full roll up

  • Active Aging Stretching (10min) (All Levels)

  • Active Aging Upper Body & Core Workout (20min) (All Levels)

    Warm Up- Double hand press TC ot to single arm press out
    Row on the side of TC- get a big ROM

    Push up-round on ground- 2/2 to roll TC away 2/2
    Rock S/S option on your knees- holding long handles
    Plank hands on TC black flat- roll forward and back

    3 legged Dog- to knee in - option on elbows, opt...

  • Active Aging HIIT Workout (20min) (All Levels)

    HIIT 4 rounds each exercise

    Warm up

    March, stouch, ham curl, squat s/s, tap TC, ½ lunge, full lunge,

    Low back stretch

    Each interval will be 30 seconds on 30 seconds to recover

    To start…

    Toe taps- show all modifications, tap, small hop, big hop arms overhead

    Squat Thrusts- step out, sma...

  • Active Aging Stretching (20min) (All Levels)

  • Active Aging Full Body Workout (30min) (All Levels)

  • Active Aging Full Body Workout (20min) (All Levels)

    Warm Up
    Big Deep Breath up X 3
    Step Touch- add tap back
    On top of TC- tap back right, tap back left
    On ground- tap r, l on TC
    Step touch, slow tap back, on top of TC tap back r, tap back l, on ground toe tap TC
    low back stretch

    On TC- lunge back right, switch, lunge back left

  • Active Aging Band Workout (20min) (All Levels)

    Warm up with the band
    Step touch with the band opening it up
    Squat and bring band behind your head
    Repeat both and get a little deeper
    Standing Core- Bring one knee up and rotate body towards knee

    Band in under feet and on shoulders- squat and twist r, l

    Fasten on TC
    One foot on TC grab band- f...

  • Active Aging Foundation Workout (20min) (All Levels)

    Warm up
    Step touch
    1/4 squat right and left- chest up and shoulders back, pulse at end
    Widen stance- plie - 1/4 of the way down, singles
    hamstring curls, squats, plie's pulses, low back stretch

    Squat on end on TC- one foot on the end, switch sides-down for 2 counts/up for 2 counts
    Plie' feet wid...

  • Active Aging Stretching (20min) (All Levels)

    Hip Flexor stretch, drop knee to TC
    Come forward and bring heel to ground toes up- hamstring stretch
    Switch legs

    Down dog stretch- hands on TC, heels towards ground to
    Child's pose- hands on TC, lean back on heels
    Shoulder Stretch- in child's pose, thread one hand though until shoulder is on the...