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  • Intermediate HIIT Workout (30min)

    Block 1
    V-steps or jump ups
    Step up and kick to reverse lunge
    Push up with alternating knee tucks

    Block 2
    Staggered squat with knee lift
    Hands bench Donkey jumps over
    Reverse crunches

    Block 3
    Staggered up overs
    Glute to hamstring curl
    Crunches on Terra-core

    Block 4
    Side plank with crunch (i...

  • Advanced Lower Body Workout (30min)

    A plyometric style workout that boosts the heart-rate, and works sports conditioning. Workout: Circuit: curtsy lunge step up hop/squat jumps/lateral lunge hop.

  • Foundation HIIT Workout (30min)

    Block 1
    Lateral squat/tap (each side)
    Quick tap up and over
    Modified push-up

    Block 2
    Alternating front lunges
    Heel jumping Jacks
    Glute bridge marches
    Plank tap outs (dome up)

    Block 3
    Squat outer thigh lift (RL)
    Mountain climber twists (dome down)

    Elevated Crunches (heels on t...

  • Advanced Lower Body Workout (30min)

    Strength focused workout that will challenge every area of your legs and glutes! Workout: Hip thrust/abduction/squats/abduction with lateral lift SS 2: Squat lateral lift/modified pistol squat.